Zarko Perfume

Zarko Perfume PINK MOLéCULE 090.09 10ml

Spray a scent that defines modern femininity with a perfume that fuses pink champagne and the refreshing salty sea spray of Nordic waters thanks to Zarko Perfume PINK MOLéCULE 090.09 EDP.
Created as a way to bring together the fizzing, fun top notes of pink champagne and the more bracing, bold sensation of being by hit by the sea spray in Denmark, or walking through the deep, dark woods that cloak the country in a kind of modern mystery, Zarko Perfume PINK MOLéCULE 090.09 moves straight from top notes to base notes for an ethereal experience that is almost mineral.
Top Notes: Elderflower – Apricot – Black Orchid – Pink Molecules
Heart Notes: Ripped out!
Base Notes: Mahogany – Cream Accord – Black Wood Accord

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