Zarko Perfume

Zarko Perfume MOLéCULE No8 100ml


Add a little mystery to everyday life with a perfume that is redolent of crisp autumn evenings spent on the beach and romantic walks through deep, dark woods with Zarko Perfume MOLéCULE No8 EDP.

With base notes of black agarwood and organic patchouli oil, heat notes of Turkish absolute rose and top notes of mandarin organic oil and made throughout with Zarko’s signature molecules, this EDP was created as a labour of love to try and find a way to bottle transformative, transcendent moments in life when everything seems to come together, whether it’s saying ‘I love you’ or watching the sunrise.

Top Notes: Mandarin Organic Oil - and molecules

Heart Notes: Turkish Rose Absolute - and molecules

Base Notes: West Indian Organic Patchouli Oil – Black Agerwood – and molecules

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