Zarko Perfume

Zarko Perfume MOLéCULE 234.38 100ml


MOLéCULE 234.38 is based on one, big molecule as the dominating ingredient.

The molecule interacts with one’s own pheromones- in a sense making it more of a phenomenon than an actual fragrance.

The composition of the molecule, as well as its weight, corresponds with the temperature of body and surroundings, making it an active part of the fragrance. The fragrance will evolve and retract continuously over a period of ten hours.

The main challenge in creating this phenomenon, was to combine completely contradictory molecules, that when combined adapts to the person wearing it- the persons state of mind, physical condition and the surroundings.

This deeply personal interaction creates a highly sensual fragrance that is as unique and as lovely, as each person wearing it.

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